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Marmore, the tallest european man-made Falls | Trip Experts
From Terni, you can reach the famous Cascata delle Marmore (Marmore’s Falls) after only 7.7 km.
This is a must for whoever decides to visit Umbria.
Its total height of 165 m makes it the tallest man-made waterfall in Europe.

Discover Paris in Four Days | Trip Experts
Striking monuments. Couture guru. Gastronomic connoisseur. All these and more define this French metropolis that is simply, breathtaking to …

Best time to travel in Italy | Trip Experts
WHEN has never played a more crucial role than in travel plans. The best time to travel in Italy is not when the place is brimming with guests.

6 Suggested Historical Destinations For Student Travel | Trip Experts
Student travel promises to be an enjoyable trip. Not only do students can visit several places, they could also learn so much on every trip. And since air.

10 Must-Dos When In Monte Carlo | Trip Experts
Home to the rich and famous, Monte Carlo exudes style and panache. The locals walk the paths with a swagger; you can smell the affluence. The town is a …

Discovering Paris | Trip Experts
Visiting Paris gives you many options to consider. Most tours will guide you through the history of Paris. Tours are known to take tourist around …

Tuscany Italy: unforgettable memories | Trip Experts
Tuscany Italy, an amazing place that has a lot to offer, from the most varied landscapes, hills and mountains, to the unforgettable taste of food …

A Cornish Pilgrimage – Falmouth | Trip Experts
The road veers right and begins the steady climb to the heady heights of Pendennis Point. My modest car huffs and puffs as traffic files patiently behind me. A.

Ferrara, an alternative destination for your Italian journey | Trip Experts
The usual trip to Italy proposes the celebrated cities of Venice, Florence or Rome. You will be often lodged in an international hotel, usually very expensive,…

La Giudecca Island in Venice Italy | Trip Experts
Formerly known as Sina Lunga because of its fishbone shape, La Guidecca Island in Venice Italy is an S-shaped thin island in the southern lagoon opposite the Zattere of Venice proper and was known as Venice’s “garden of delights” in the 18th century.

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