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Aspen, colorado

Situated high in the Rocky Mountains at an elevation of 7,815 feet, 200 miles southwest of Denver and 130 miles northeast of Grand Junction, the city of Aspen Colorado is the largest city and county seat of Pitkin County. It was founded as a mining camp during the silver boom in Colorado and was the homeland of the Ute Indians, a tribe who named the place “Shining Mountains”.

The city of Aspen Colorado later emerged as a skiing mecca following the World War II when a small group of entrepreneurs and visionaries came to realize the value of one of the city of Aspen Colorado’s inexhaustible resource – the snow. The city of Aspen Colorado that time was transformed from a sleepy mining town to a bustling and recreational hub when the entrepreneur Friedl Pfeifer partnered with Walter Paepcke, a Chicago industrialist, and his wide Elizabeth to establish what would be the first of many Aspen ski resorts of today. It was also during that time that the city of Aspen Colorado opened what was known then as the world’s longest chairlift.

The city of Aspen Colorado today is noted for their ski resorts and vacation houses that embrace their reputation as the favorite alpine hideaway. These recreational hubs in the city of Aspen Colorado are surprisingly affordable and enjoyable, especially during the summer. It was during the warm season that the city of Aspen Colorado hosts a variety of summer music and dance festivals, while there are some great trails for biking, hiking and horseback riding in some areas. And, it was during the winter that the city of Aspen Colorado transforms itself to a snow-capped alpine paradise where ski adventures thrive.

Although the city of Aspen Colorado is considered as the best ski resort of the world, there is much more that the city can offer than skiing. Primarily, the cultural legacy of William and Elizabeth Paepcke is kept alive by prominent music, dance film, and some cultural festivals. The month of January particularly highlights the Winterskol celebration, which is the city of Aspen Colorado’s tribute to the season of cold and snow. This grand party is typically hosted by the city of Aspen Colorado’s most prestigious ski resorts and features a number of snow activities, a canine fashion show, ice sculpting competition, and much more. Some dining and nightlife destinations are even out there where the visitors can enjoy the elegance and refinement served.

The city of Aspen Colorado is now deemed by many as the best ski resort city for the elites. But, in actuality, Aspen Colorado can be an affordable and appealing vacation spot on almost any budget, especially during the summer.

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